DONE - Connecting Elementary Science and Social Studies through Inquiry

(WI Dells)

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Agency: Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction
Agency Contact: Kris McDaniel
Location: Glacier Canyon Conference Center, Wilderness Hotel
45 Hillman Rd
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
Facility: Glacier Canyon
7/31/2019 09:00 AM - 03:30 PM

Join DPI consultants Kris McDaniel (Social Studies) and Kevin Anderson (Science) for brand new resources for K-8 educators, identifying connections between the inquiry cycle of the Wisconsin Standards for Social Studies and the science and engineering practices of the Wisconsin Standards for Science. Both standards suggest the use of inquiry as a best practice, but what does that really mean at the elementary and middle level? 

We will experience and examine examples of elementary and middle school lessons as we dig into the similarities of inquiry in science and social studies. For example, in both subjects, students should be asking questions, considering relevant data, using evidence to support their arguments, and recognizing potential bias in information. Further, in the lower elementary grades, students should be doing more than coloring pictures, celebrating holidays, and listening to books about science and social studies. They too can engage in higher-level thinking about their place in the world.

Here’s one tool connecting inquiry practices of science and social studies to give you a sense of the types of connections we’ll be making this day:

While from a science lens, here’s a list of some key aspects of how instruction should be changing to align with the new social studies and science standards:


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